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Plan 1

UP TO 20%
  • Accruals: 24 Hours
  • Period: 24 Hours
  • Amount min: $50
  • Amount max: $1,000
  • Principle Return: Yes
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Plan 2

UP TO 40%
  • Accruals: at the end
  • Period: 48 Hours
  • Amount min: $500
  • Amount max: $10,000
  • Principle Return: No
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Plan 3

UP TO 70%
  • Accruals: at the end
  • Period: 72 Hours
  • Amount min: $2,500
  • Amount max: $0
  • Principle Return: No
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Plan 4

UP TO 120%
  • Accruals: at the end
  • Period: 5 Days
  • Amount min: $5,000
  • Amount max: $0
  • Principle Return: Yes
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Thanks to the referral program, you can provide yourself with passive income.
Receive guaranteed bonus accruals for each contribution of your partner.

  • 8%
    First level
  • 3%
    Second level
  • 2%
    Third level
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how to start an

action plan

What is needed in order to make a profit on
investments on our website?


Registration on the website

First of all, you need to register
on our website.


Interest accrual

After waiting for the profit accrual, you can withdraw it to your wallet (having previously indicated the wallet number in your profile)


Login to your account

Log in to your account and make a deposit by
following the appropriate menu



You can also reinvest profits without withdrawing them from your account.

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